Sunday, May 23, 2010

How Long Will Concrete Leveling Last? Check Out Our Pic Below: Before ~ After ~ Now!

People often ask how long concrete leveling will last and the answer is, well, it depends... Corporate A-1 Concrete Leveling was born almost 30 years ago and has over 50 franchises nationally making A-1 America's largest concrete leveler.

So, A-1 Concrete Leveling has been around almost 30 years but could concrete leveling last 30 years? Sure, in an ideal situation. But, then, a new pour wouldn't sink if it existed in ideal conditions and no one would need us! The fact is that the ground moves. There are a variety of factors which affect the sub-surface support of a slab and every situation is different.

According to the USGS earthquake website (, as of today, there have already been almost 7,000 earthquakes worldwide in 2010 with almost 2200 of them occurring in the US; while that may not affect us on a daily basis, it is having a constant effect deep below the surface.

Erosion may be accelerated if there is a poor drainage situation which contributes to greater slab movement during freeze/thaw cycles; when water freezes it increases in size by 9% so if it is in a void under a concrete slab, it results in the slab heaving (

Another situation which may compromise the sub-surface is if a utility line or drainage is installed underneath the slab; if it is an original installation and the slab has sunken, leveling is a great option to return it to original position as all the initial settling will have occurred, but if you have a new utility line or drainage installed, be prepared to see some shifting of the slab...then call us and we can help!

Whether you have your existing concrete leveled or have newly poured slabs, as in life, the only true constant is that everything is changing.

We wanted to share a recent picture of a project we completed in 2007 (our first year as a member of the A-1 family); this is the first in what will be an ongoing series of "Before ~ After ~ Now!" project recaps.

Thanks for checking us out!

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