Friday, April 2, 2010

University of Buffalo: A-1 Goes Back to School to Teach Sunken Concrete a Lesson!

This video was recorded while completing a concrete leveling project at Hadley Village Apartments at the University of Buffalo on March 29th, 2010. We raised a string of centrally located walkway slabs in an effort to eliminate surface water pooling. This saved UB budget dollars, saved their maintenance crew clean-up time from mud tracked into the apartment common areas, saved students the inconvenience of having to maneuver through an area being under construction for a lengthy time and resulted in the desired solution of redirecting the surface drainage of the slabs and eliminating pooling water. Our thanks to the UB staff and students for their support!

"Oops!" says The Nicole of Buffalo! Our foreman, Josh, pointed out an error I made in one of the slides included in this video. Because it would be complicated to replace the slide in the video, I am letting the world in on my mistake (wish I could say that I never make mistakes, but I think everyone knows that's not true...)! So, on the second to last slide in this video, which is titled "The Concrete is Raised & Class is Out!", I mistakenly put in our first year of business as 1997 instead of 2007; why I am stuck in the last century and over a decade behind I do not know, but I made this exact mistake on a piece of literature for the home show in March and had to cut out stickers printed with 2007 to cover up my mistake on 1000 postcards... You'd think I would have learned my lesson (maybe I need to go back to school?). So, while it may sound less impressive that we have only been raising concrete slabs since 2007, rather than 1997, it is infinitely more impressive that we have raised over 4200 slabs since 2007 rather than what would be a much lesser accomplishment if we had only raised that many since 1997! My apology for my error! Thanks to Josh for catching it and pointing it out!

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