Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Facilities Management Expo Seminar Presentation

As you know, we recently exhibited at the Facilities Management Expo in Depew, NY. We were lucky enough to be asked to present a seminar which we titled "Concrete Leveling: When is it right for your facility?"

The seminar was information driven and designed to help commercial and industrial facility managers see examples of what types of projects are ideal for concrete leveling and which ones are better suited for replacement.

We discussed the changing business environment, how facility managers are feeling pressure to complete more projects with the same or less budget dollars than previous year and the dangers of liability-driven situations (we recently completed a project for a company who lost a million dollar lawsuit because of a trip-and-fall situation involving concrete slab transition).

There are a number of points we discussed at the seminar as supporting information and explanation. For example, we show a chart which indicates a very significant savings using concrete leveling (in this case, stabilizing the slabs) versus replacement for a customer. Discussion of this slide included the fact that this was an industrial facility in which there were exceptionally high OSHA standards and additional regulations which are not typical for standard warehouses; replacement in their facility would cost significantly more than in a typical warehouse because of the product they manufacture and store. It was an ideal project for concrete leveling.

Our open-dialog format encouraged audience participation and we fielded many good questions about our application and its' appropriateness for specific situations. We have already completed a couple of projects for people who attended our seminar that day and we look forward to completing more!

Thanks to Nancy Boyd Haley at PPM for producing such an effective show!