Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Concrete Leveling Walks the Straight and Narrow

As a company it is always positive to hear feedback from your customers and it is particularly nice when the feedback reinforces the company values.  Listed below is a customer testimonial from a project A-1 Concrete Leveling completed this summer.  During the estimate the customer, Craig J. in Amherst, NY, enlightened me about how his organization has a “a board of business cards” on which employees post cards from local companies they have hired.  The card moves toward the front of the “Good” board as others have positive feedback and vise-versa if the company does not perform well. 

Below are comments from an email we received from Craig after we completed his project. 

"I wanted to make sure to drop you an email to thank you and your company for a GREAT job on the sidewalk and especially on the A/C pad on the side of my house.

Thanks again for a great job. It is nice to have a contractor that you can trust!"

And below is the response we received from Craig when we asked if we could post his comments on our blog.

"YES, of course you can use my email for positive feedback on your blog.  I will move your card to the first row of the GOOD side of our bulletin board at police headquarters."

Thanks for your business and positive feedback, Craig; it is much appreciated!