Monday, July 2, 2018

Concrete Leveling: How Long Will It Last?

A frequent question A-1 receives is regarding the longevity of concrete leveling as an application. The photos above show an ideal situation where a driveway we pumped in 2007 is still holding up perfectly. The all-natural limestone-based grout that A-1 pumps beneath sunken slabs to raise them back to original sets up to a point that is stronger than very dense earth. Drainage issues can undermine any concrete slab whether original or raised with leveling. Assess your gutter downspouts, sump-pump overflow, and ensure your landscape is grading away from your home and concrete to avoid accelerating sinking slabs. Another often overlooked tool to keep water at bay is to caulk any cracked joints on your concrete slabs. If you currently have sunken slabs, call A-1 today at 716-341-4550!

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