Tuesday, September 15, 2009

When to Replace...

So...you love the idea of concrete leveling...it is a great alternative to replacement, but is it right for your project?

Part of our complementary consultation is to assess your individual project and let you know when concrete leveling is an ideal option. It is also our responsibility to tell you when your money would be better spent on replacement.

Concrete leveling is not for you if:
  • your slabs have extreme, significant cracks (shattered like a broken window pane)
  • you want the concrete to be a different shape than it currently is
  • you want to pay more for replacement (just a little concrete leveling humor based on a bit of truth!)

If we have visited you and told you that we think replacement is your best option, for any variety of reasons, one of the companies to whom we refer business is Emerald Services.

Ed Shanahan is the owner of Emerald Services and is very conscientious and dedicated to providing quality results. If you contracted with him for replacement, your decision would be sound.

You can call Emerald at 716-570-2211 or visit his website by clicking the title of this post or clicking the link below.


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